See Article History Alternative Title: It was admitted to the union as the 37th state on March 1, The boundary with Kansas to the south was established when the two territories were created by the Kansas-Nebraska Act in Lincoln , in the southeastern part of the state, is the capital. Brian Kell As one of the west-central states of the United States, Nebraska was primarily a stopover point for those migrating to the rich trapping country to the north and west as well as to the settlement and mining frontiers of the mountain and Pacific regions during the first half of the 19th century. With the development of railroads after the American Civil War —65 and the consequent immigration, the fertile soils of Nebraska were plowed, and its grasslands gave rise to a range cattle industry. As a result, the state has been a major food producer since statehood. A majority of Nebraskans live close to the Missouri and Platte rivers, leaving much of the state lightly populated.

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The historical period of Lutheran Orthodoxy is divided into three sections: Lutheran scholasticism developed gradually especially for the purpose of arguing with the Jesuits , and it was finally established by Johann Gerhard. Abraham Calovius represents the climax of the scholastic paradigm in orthodox Lutheranism. Near the end of the Thirty Years’ War , the compromising spirit seen in Philip Melanchthon rose up again in Helmstedt School and especially in theology of Georgius Calixtus , causing the syncretistic controversy.

Another theological issue that arose was the Crypto-Kenotic controversy. After a century of vitality, the Pietist theologians Philipp Jakob Spener and August Hermann Francke warned that orthodoxy had degenerated into meaningless intellectualism and Formalism , while orthodox theologians found the emotional and subjective focuses of Pietism to be vulnerable to Rationalist propaganda.

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The baptismal font at the Cathedral of Magdeburg As early as the 2nd century AD, infant baptism had begun to gain acceptance among Christians for the spiritual purification and social initiation of infants. Normally, these sponsors were the natural parents of a child, as emphasized in by St. Augustine who suggested that they could, it seems exceptionally, be other individuals.

A decree of Justinian, dated to , outlawed marriage between a godfather and his goddaughter, and these barriers continued to multiply until the 11th century, forbidding marriage between natural and spiritual parents, or those directly related to them. Godparents should be both baptized and confirmed although it is not clear in which Church , but the requirement for confirmation can be waived. There is no requirement for clergy to baptize those from outside their parishes, and baptism can be reasonably delayed so that the conditions, including suitable godparents, can be met.

As a result, individual clergy have considerable discretion over the qualifications of godparents. They believe that godparents “help [children] with their Christian upbringing, especially if they should lose their parents”. In some instances, the godfather is responsible for naming the child.

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They called it Memelburg. Memel is the German name for Nemunas river and the early settlers mistakenly believed that the straits linking Curonian lagoon to Baltic Sea are in fact the mouths of that mighty river. Around the castle, a town of primarily German craftsmen sprung up. The region was considered to be part of Lithuania Minor. During the Napoleonic wars, it even briefly held the status of Prussia’s capital as the royal family retreated here from danger Others among them more and more Lithuanian ex-villagers arrived for good, however, staffing the burgeoning trade and lumber industries.

Towering churches of different denominations and ethnicities reflected the diversity of a frontier merchant city. Lithuanian state was however not yet born as the Western powers were reluctant to recognize it due to its disputes in the east.


History[ edit ] Two main confessional movements arose during the 19th century: Neo-Lutheranism itself contained differing camps. It gave rise later to those calling themselves confessional Lutherans. Neo-Lutheranism developed in reaction to Pietism on the one side and Rationalism on the other, both of which had arisen in the previous century. German clergymen like Martin Stephan , C. Wyneken and Wilhelm Loehe became a part of the movement as they studied the works of Martin Luther and the Book of Concord.

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Browse unique lodgings, hand-picked for you by In Italy Online Reformers have a way of showing up at critical points in Catholic Church history. As Francis and Dominic in the Middle Ages, Ignatius of Loyola could not have chosen a better time to appear on the historical scene. In the early sixteenth century the Protestant revolt was exploding throughout Europe.

Rome, recognizing the urgent need for a counterattack against Lutherans and Calvinists, found a brilliant standard-bearer in St. His new religious order, the Jesuits, helped accomplish a consolidation and regeneration of the Church from within. This pleasure-loving humanist, ambitious politician, inveterate nepotist, and munificent patron of the arts recklessly sold indulgences along with his palace furniture in order to pay his huge debts.

Unhappily, he was typical of the Popes of his day.

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Germany On October 31, , German scholar Martin Luther is said to have nailed his argument against the Catholic Church’s sale of better treatment after death to a church door in Wittenberg. Whether this actually happened is disputed, but what’s not disputed is that his “95 Theses” quickly spread debate through Europe and led to an irrevocable split in Western Christianity. Luther’s influence can still be felt — he’s been credited with the rise of secular democracy, among other things — but it was theology that he was concerned about.

If all you know about the Reformation are references on The Simpsons, read on to find out why Luther disagreed with the Catholic Church. Luther didn’t like the fact people could buy indulgences — or reduced punishment after death Photo: Catholicism teaches that believers are purified in the fire of Purgatory before reaching heaven. Lawrence OP This was the subject of the 95 Theses, and it was the disagreement that started it all.

The sale of indulgences helped pay for the rebuilding of Saint Peter’s Basilica in Rome. Mary Gearin To this day they’ve been given out by the Church for acts of charity or the recital of prayers, as examples. You can use them for yourself or loved ones who have died. Luther had a problem with the fact the Catholic Church of his day was essentially selling indulgences — indeed, according to Professor MacCulloch, they helped pay for the rebuilding of Saint Peter’s Basilica in Rome.

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Wartburg, monk and nun, drawing by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Students marching to the Wartburg in Wartburg c. Together with its larger sister castle Neuenburg in the present-day town of Freyburg, the Wartburg secured the extreme borders of his traditional territories. The count remained a fierce opponent of the Salian rulers, and upon the extinction of the line, his son Louis I was elevated to the rank of a Landgrave in Thuringia by the new German king Lothair of Supplinburg in

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