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The home of , views From Victorian craze to its resuscitation by Elena Vidal and Brian May, Colin Harding traces a brief history of the stereoscope. During a visit to the Great Exhibition in , Queen Victoria expressed her delight with the three-dimensional effect of a pair of daguerreotypes seen through a binocular viewer called a stereoscope. Brewster Pattern Hand Stereoscope, c. The demand for viewers and stereoscopic pairs of photographs was enormous and the leading supplier in the world was the London Stereoscopic Company. Within a couple of years the company name had changed to its more familiar form. By they claimed to have an incredible , views available. The variety of subjects ranged from exotic views of faraway places to English views and buildings, humorous tableaus and scenes of everyday life. They commissioned photographers to travel all over the world, bringing back images.

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The project was led by the then Curator of Computing, Doron Swade. The purpose of the project was both to memorialize Babbage’s work in time for th anniversary, in , of Babbage’s birth, and at the same time to resolve two nagging questions: Authenticity Babbage left twenty large design drawings which depict the Engine’s mechanisms. Detailed as they are, they are insufficiently detailed to serve as manufacturing drawings.

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The offending eHarmony advert. The ASA ruled it must not appear in its current form. The complainant called it a “new form of fake news. The ad, which appeared on the London Underground, features the text: It’s time science had a go at love. Why leave the most important search of your life to chance? Try something different today. The algorithm — which eHarmony submitted a granted patent for — is based on data collected from “more than 50, married couples in 23 different countries, which looked at their core personality traits and key values,” according to the company.

It also provided two published studies which reported “higher levels of marital satisfaction for couples who met through eHarmony than any other offline or online sources. According to the BBC, he said the phrase “scientifically proven” should only be used in claims that are “just that” and not “crude puffery designed to lure in those longing for love.

While the ASA acknowledged that consumers would be unlikely to think eHarmony could guarantee they would find lasting love, the watchdog stated: ASA concluded that the claim “scientifically proven matching system” was “misleading. A statement from eHarmony sent to BI stated:

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Blog Radiocarbon Dating One of the most important questions asked about any ancient object is just how old it really is. There are a number of scientific techniques which can be used to date antiquities, but probably the best known and most frequently used is radiocarbon or 14C dating. Radiocarbon dating can only be applied to organisms that were once alive and is a means of determining how long ago they died.

Stone Age ‘camp’ unearthed in London: Evidence of fires, animal bones and a rare flint tool dating back , years found. A Palaeolithic flint tool could be one of the earliest objects found in.

Today we turn to the distinguishing features of the carte de visite—a 19th-century collecting craze. Most professional portrait photographers of the s took either daguerreotypes or collodion positives. With both processes, each picture was unique and multiple copies could only be made with difficulty, if at all. This required the use of a special camera and many different types were developed. Some had several lenses, which could be uncovered either individually, or all at the same time to give 4 or 8 photographs on the same plate.

Others had a mechanism for moving the photographic plate so that each image was recorded on a different area. The carte de visite collecting craze Cartes de visite was introduced to England in In May , J. Mayall took carte portraits of Queen Victoria, Prince Albert and their children. These were published later that year and the popularity of carte portraits soared.

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The Independent in an interview. It’s unclear whether Chappy will produce longer and more satisfying relationships for me than traditional apps like Grindr. If nothing else, the app at least gives people the illusion that such a partnership is in their future. Delusions schelusions, we’ll take it.

The Zoological Society of London (ZSL) is a charity devoted to the worldwide conservation of animals and their habitats. Through radiocarbon dating, forensic analysis and statistical models I am uncovering the timing and causes of their extinction and understanding the role of humans in their demise. James Hansford, Selina Brace.

Asa Gilbert Eddy m. Her father, Mark Baker, was a deeply religious man, although, according to one account, “Christianity to him was warfare against sin, not a religion of human brotherhood. Eddy or “our beloved Leader”—was still included in all articles published in the Christian Science journals. She stood before us, seemingly slight, graceful of carriage, and exquisitely beautiful even to critical eyes.

Then, still standing, she faced her class as one who knew herself to be a teacher by divine right. She turned to the student at the end of the first row of seats and took direct mental cognizance of this one, plainly knocked at the door of this individual consciousness. This continued until each member of the class had received the same mental cognizance. No audible word voiced the purely mental contact.

Lulu Blackman student of Eddy’s , [88] It was in part because of her unusual personality that Christian Science flourished, despite the numerous disputes she initiated among her followers. Quimby, a practitioner of the “Science of Health,” Quimby had become interested in healing after recovering suddenly from a condition he believed was consumption tuberculosis. Quimby and an assistant, Lucius Burkmar, traveled around Maine and New Brunswick giving demonstrations; Burkmar, in a trance, would offer mind readings and suggestions for cures.

He came to the view that disease was a mental state. The basis of Dr.

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Sex Men should play hard to get if they want to attract the opposite sex on a first date otherwise women will see them as unmanly or manipulative, new research has shown. However it seems that in the early stages of dating, women are more turned on by unresponsive men. Women may perceive this person as inappropriately nice and manipulative, in that trying to obtain sexual favours, or eager to please, perhaps even as desperate, and therefore less sexually appealing.

Enjoy Free Online Dating & Social Networking! Trek Passions gives people who are part of the Sci Fi community a place to find one another. You are welcome to use Trek Passions solely as a dating site, since it has all the major features found on mainstream dating sites (e.g. photo personals, groups, chat, webcam video, email, forums, etc.).

Nature philosophy Maize , known in some English-speaking countries as corn, is a large grain plant domesticated by indigenous peoples in Mesoamerica in prehistoric times Before the invention or discovery of the concept of ” nature ” ancient Greek phusis by the Pre-Socratic philosophers , the same words tend to be used to describe the natural “way” in which a plant grows, [17] and the “way” in which, for example, one tribe worships a particular god.

For this reason, it is claimed these men were the first philosophers in the strict sense, and also the first people to clearly distinguish “nature” and “convention. They were mainly speculators or theorists , particularly interested in astronomy. The Socratic method as documented by Plato ‘s dialogues is a dialectic method of hypothesis elimination: This was a reaction to the Sophist emphasis on rhetoric.

The Socratic method searches for general, commonly held truths that shape beliefs and scrutinizes them to determine their consistency with other beliefs. Socrates was later, in the words of his Apology, accused “because he corrupts the youth and does not believe in the gods the state believes in, but in other new spiritual beings”.

Socrates refuted these claims, [29] but was sentenced to death. Motion and change is described as the actualization of potentials already in things, according to what types of things they are. In his physics, the sun goes around the earth, and many things have it as part of their nature that they are for humans. Each thing has a formal cause , a final cause , and a role in a cosmic order with an unmoved mover.

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The US cover Hello World is finally almost here! Cambridge Analytica might have made the headlines recently, but these algorithms are everywhere. In our hospitals, our courtrooms, our police stations and our supermarkets. This is a book that takes stock of where we are now, and where we are headed in the not-to-distant future. It’s a story of the good, the bad and the downright ugly of modern machines, asking how much we should rely on them over our own instincts, and what kind of world we want to live in.

It’s been shortlisted for the prestigious Royal Society Book prize, and they don’t shortlist any old nonsense you know.

In the Science Museum in London set out to construct a working Difference Engine No. 2 built faithfully to Babbage’s original designs dating from The project was led by the then Curator of Computing, Doron Swade.

Outlook Perspective Perspective Interpretation of the news based on evidence, including data, as well as anticipating how events might unfold based on past events The inevitable, tragic — and ultimately necessary — death of the kilogram Farewell to the objects that defined our units of measure. Two one-kilogram weights on a scale in Saussay-la-Campagne, France. How Geoengineering Could Change the World. In its mathematical gallery, though, there is a cabinet of not-needing-to-wonder.

The cabinet is a doubly worldly object. It covers the whole wide world of early th-century trade, and it evinces a worldly acceptance of human disparity and vagary. Whether it was in weights and measures or the rights of man, such universalism was deeply suspect. When scientists measured the same things as tradesmen — lengths, breadths, weights and the like — they could make use of the customary units that came to hand some of which, like the span, were actually based on the hand.

But once they started to measure things beyond the immediate realm of the senses, such as electric charges and magnetic moments, they needed units of their own.

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Cave bears were so dangerous to early man because they enjoyed living in the same habitat as the eight-foot-tall bears – caves. Genuine, complete Cave Bear skeletons are very rare, and are often confused for Russian sub-species, which are commonly offered for sale online. The skeleton will be on show alongside a Chinese stone head, originally from a Buddhist cave temple and dating back years, and a terracotta depiction of St.

Jerome outside his cave by the Florentine Renaissance master Benedetto Buglioni. SWNS The priceless skeleton was seen almost completely assembled, supported by struts It’s really exciting for us to be showing the first multi-disciplinary exhibition in our new gallery space in Farringdon Ben Hunter and Orlando Whitfield The show, Caves and Grottoes, will be on view from tomorrow, and examines “links between caves and art history, touching on ideas of shelter, isolation and contemplation, and including works from pre-history to the modern day”.

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These are external links and will open in a new window Close share panel Image copyright Neil Cole Image caption A completely normal cellar display of monster heads A village famous for its new year tradition of men prancing around with flaming barrels of tar on their heads has added another unusual string to its bow, by becoming home to a museum of science fiction props – which has opened in the cellar of the curator’s house.

Adventures in Science Fiction is the latest historical depository to join the 2, museums already in the UK. And with so many to choose from, there must be a museum to please pretty much everybody. So if you’re into dog collars of the canine rather than clerical variety , or simply adore antique breadboards, we’ve got it covered. Fact isn’t stranger than science fiction Image copyright Neil Cole Image caption You’ll never look at a boiled egg in the same light The Allendale attraction , which held its grand opening on Saturday, was a labour of love for founder Neil Cole who describes it as his “passion project”.

Located in the cellar of his Grade II-listed home, the museum includes original items from Dr Who and part of Thor’s costume from the Avengers. Science fiction has become more mainstream so I thought ‘people might actually want to see this’,” says Mr Cole. And if you don’t want to visit, you could just let Zygons be Zygons. Why the Germans are always on time Image copyright Cuckooland Image caption One visitor described Cuckooland – which can only be visited by appointment – as “a jewel in Cheshire’s crown” A veritable nightmare for those with chronomentrophobia, xylophobia and ornithophobia, this collection of more than cuckoo clocks from the Black Forest region in Germany has been amassed by brothers Roman and Maz Piekarski.

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It supposes that Einstein’s dreams informed his inspiration for his theories on time, and takes a surreal look into his creative impulses. In this story, time is measured in images, not hours or days–time is variously a line, a circle, a hangman’s noose. A musical of this little book– essentially an amalgam of parables — is also in the works. A Stage Portrait This one-person bio-drama covered a lot of territory, with flashbacks from Einstein’s Princeton home to various phases of his personal and professional life.

Jun 13,  · Okay, so maybe science-themed jokes aren’t the world’s funniest. But if you’re a scientist or certified science geek, they can be weirdly entertaining. (story continues below).

Click here for tickets Where did the idea come from? Artist Judith Prays finally admitted to herself that online dating wasn’t working for her. Witty, self aware writers didn’t seem to equate to great, lasting relationships. Through experimenting she ended up on a date with someone who wouldn’t ordinarily have made the cut online but IRL was a complete success. The mystery of how gaps in conversation could be trumped by olfactory delight, and the long term relationship that ensued, made her wonder – should we be dating based on smell?

When did this start and how did it get to where it is today? Judith had the idea in summer and the first event was in Brooklyn in November in the Mr UX studio. After an article about the event went viral, the second event was in LA at Cinefamily coproduced by Mastadon Mesa. Scientific advisor, Charles J. Wysocki, helped verify and streamline the pheromone print process and now the events are taking place globally. Wait, so what’s a pheromone? Pheromones are the chemical triggers of sexual attraction in mammals.

While not confirmed, it is suspected that males smell availability and females smell genetic quality. Are the parties successful?

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August 18, Research shows that the site has continuously evolved over a period of about 10, years. The structure that we call “Stonehenge” was built between roughly 5, and 4, years ago and was one part of a larger sacred landscape that included a massive stone monument that was 15 times the size of Stonehenge.

A woman’s dating preference is the ultimate paradox. The thing is, while we’re constantly on the lookout for that super sweet, caring guy who will make a great companion, we’re actually attracted.

Adventurous daters in New York get to know their partners — Image: Richard Eaton Daters exploring during the Touch round — Image: Marina McClure Daters getting adventurous with their sense of smell — Image: Jacob Gonen The Movement round gets daters on their feet — Image: Marina McClure Artist and environmental historian shows guests in London how she distills smells — Image: Mike Massaro The audience share how the experience makes them feel — Image: Forget love at first sight, what about love at first sniff?

This one-of-a-kind event explores the science of attraction through a range of enticing sensory adventures. The experience has even been featured on national Korean TV! Guests discover what the smell of sweat tells us about a prospective partner, how eating raw kale and apricots transforms our capacity for flirtation, and why long vocal chords are sexy. Our unique experience has featured evolutionary psychologists, neuroscientists, biologists, comedians, historians, food designers and drag performers.

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