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The team sequenced the genomes of seven individuals who lived in southern Africa 2, — years ago. The three oldest individuals dating to 2, —1, years ago were genetically related to the descendants of the southern Khoe-San groups, and the four younger individuals who lived — years ago were genetically related to current-day South African Bantu-speaking groups The authors estimate the divergence among modern humans to have occurred between , and , years ago, based on the ancient Stone Age hunter-gatherer genomes. The deepest split time of , years ago represents a comparison between an ancient Stone Age hunter-gatherer boy from Ballito Bay on the east coast of South Africa and the West African Mandinka The fossil record of east Africa, and in particular the Omo and Herto fossils have often been used to set the emergence of anatomically modern humans to about , years ago. The deeper estimate for modern human divergence at , — , years ago coincides with the Florisbad and Hoedjiespunt fossils, contemporaries of the small-brained Homo naledi in southern Africa The authors also found that all current-day Khoe-San populations admixed with migrant East African pastoralists a little over a thousand years ago. Of the Iron Age individuals, three carry at least one Duffy null allele, protecting against malaria, and two have at least one sleeping-sickness-resistance variant in the APOL1 gene.

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August 8, chosenbygrace 1 comment Today Alex Jones of infowars. Sadly, the caller either was stupid or lost his calm, because when Alex asked him a legitimate question as to whether or not Americans could go over to Mexico for free health care and if they could get their babies to become citizens by being born in Mexico, the caller said that Alex was fear monger, which made no sense.

God said that regarding cities that HE COMMANDED Israel to conquer, that they were to first make an offer of peace to the city they were going to conquer, but that he if they remained hostile that they were then to attack it. On top of that he was ignoring the New Testament, where God gave clear instructions to forgive and love your enemies and to pray for them, though he still allowed for governments to execute those who at the very least are stubborn rebels. Alex should have simply asked the caller if a government has the right to force a citizen to be charitable, or to forcefully take money from them to give to a foreigner without getting immediately angry, and without raging like a demon.

Alex even had David Icke featured in one of his videos.

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For evidence of geocentrism, click here. A very long silence speaks loudly. And what got one of them to remove it? And here is the first reply that stumped, embarrassed and humiliated the weak minded moderators and anti-creationist members of PhysicsForums: The problem with the big void of smaller density leading to apparent dark energy term is that we have to be very close to the center of the void, otherwise everything will look anisotropic.

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Who are the Cape Coloureds of South Africa? By Razib Khan June 30, 8: They speak Afrikaans and generally worship in Reformed Christian churches, but exhibit discernible non-European ancestry, in particular African ancestry. Barack Obama has obvious mixed ancestry but he is accept as fully black racially by both black and white Americans. In South Africa someone who looked like Obama obviously would not be white, but, they might be Coloured, as this group exhibits a wide range of appearance, as is the norm among very mixed populations.

In the course of research I stumbled upon the fact that the past two winners of Miss South Africa are Coloured, or at least likely Coloured as there is some ambiguity.

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They denounce and ignore mountains of scientific evidence in order to blindly believe just a single source, the Bible. So when the Bible says the universe was created in six days, they believe the universe was created in six days. When the Bible says man was dropped onto earth in his current form, they believe that man was dropped to earth in his current form.

And most importantly, when the Bible says the Earth is only years old they believe the Earth is only years old. To many, this position seems completely indefensible, yet they continue to not only believe this, but defend their position in books and on TV shows. Even when looking at radiometric dating, multiple methods and techniques are used and only when they agree is the calculation treated as true.

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The Court is effectively being asked to order that Christianity be removed and banned from the schools. The case, which is a watershed case for religious freedom in South Africa, will in all probability end up in the Constitutional Court. In terms of the admission policy of all of the above schools, learners of all religions and belief systems including Muslim, Jewish, Jehovah Witnesses, Christian and atheist are welcome to enrol at those schools.

Should learners or their parents of their own free will choose to enrol at those schools however, they do so with the knowledge and understanding and by implication, agreement that the schools hold to a Christian ethos and Christian values, as determined by the school governing bodies of those schools.. At all times, participation in any Christian practices or activities including attendance of sermons, prayer, VSCV activities, evangelism opportunities, etc are completely free and voluntary.

OGOD is asking the Court to grant an order effectively removing and banning any form of Christianity from the schools.

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A sobbing child told the pontiff his dead father was a good man, but he wondered if a nonbeliever could be in heaven. Paul of the Cross parish during a pastoral visit on April 15, A tearful little boy grappling with big existential questions after the death of his father received some touching words of consolation from Pope Francis.

Paul of the Cross parish on the outskirts of Rome. During a question-and-answer session with children of the parish, Emanuele approached the microphone to ask Francis a question. But the child froze before he could get his words out. Francis encouraged the boy to come forward and whisper the question into his ear. The pope gave the boy a hug and the pair had a quiet chat before Emanuele returned to his seat.

Francis then addressed the crowd, saying that Emanuele had granted permission to share the conversation. He revealed that Emanuele was crying for his father, who had recently died. The boy told the pontiff that his dad was an atheist, but a good man who had all four of his children baptized. Watch a video of the encounter in Italian below. But he had his children baptized. Surely this pleased God very much.

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Muslim] who was slain in battle was sure to go to Paradise. He said, also, that the man who was the first to board a vessel had one slave over and above his share, and that when they sprang to the deck of an enemy’s ship, every sailor held a dagger in each hand and a third in his mouth; which usually struck such terror into the foe that they cried out for quarter at once.

It is a hard fight. It’s extremely difficult, day after day, when you face people and say, “If Sharia law is taken to its logic this is what things are going to look like” and you come across people who say, “You got it all wrong. I wasn’t used to arguing with vice presidents.

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Some of the comments there indicated that Ansari was a practicing Muslim. That did not surprise me, South Asians are very religious. In particular, group religious identity matters a great deal to people whose origins are in Indian and Islamic civilization and their intersection. This is in contrast to East Asians, for whom group religious identity matters far less. It is notable that the most Sinic Southeast Asian nation, Vietnam, is closest to the East Asian model, with no single organized supernatural tradition being identified with the national consciousness.

In contrast the more Indic mainland Southeast Asians, and those of maritime Southeast Asia, do fuse religion and national identity.

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