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The ending of the first season of the Black Butler anime. Although it technically ends with an ambiguous Fade to Black , it’s more than a little obvious what’s about to happen. Fans have other ideas and love to share them in fic form. Of course, now that there’s the second season, and seeing how that ended, it looks like the writers may have been reading fanfic themselves. Bleach fic is general rather darker than its canon, mostly due to the prevalence of disney deaths unless you’re in a backstory. Notable examples of fanworks with a far darker premise are abundant. Downfall is an example of a fic that starts out much lighter than canon — several characters that were dead in backstories are alive — only to start killing off several others in heartrending ways. Also, Unohana makes a great villain. Somehow, it still manages to feel like a fix fic. Whether it be changing her mind of “having him for herself forever” read:

Alone (A Lab Rats Fan Fic)

Eddy Eddy is one of Donald’s inventions and is a home system. He was probably Donald’s only friend until he married Tasha, making Eddy get jealous and dislike her. He likes to tease her and can become very sarcastic. He froze her on her anniversary with Donald. On that day onwards, Tasha can choose when to shut Eddy down.

Jun 06,  · Summary: Dr. House is dating Jelena Chase, the ex-wife of the famous doctor Rowan Chase. Jelena moved with her son, Robert Chase, to New Jersey to start a new life after the divorce. Jelena moved with her son, Robert Chase, to New Jersey to start a new life after the divorce.

Pink Girl, Blue Boy: Blue to Bree’s pink Butt-Monkey: He’s always picked on for his inability to get girls or for being short. Then by Elite Force, he gets more respect, but at Oliver’s expense. Just about everyone who’s ever wanted to be his friend has ended up having ulterior motives: Those are basically all of the people he’s ever been friends with who weren’t on a mission team with him, which was a big factor in his inferiority complex.

Lampshaded by Bree in Unauthorized Mission, and even Kaz thinks so too. It’s later revealed in Lab Rats: Elite Force why he can be so bossy—being mission leader was always a part of him, and it was something that he didn’t want to lose. After being rescued by Kaz, Oliver and Bree, and thinking about Skylar’s performance in her first mission in a long time, he abolishes the Mission Leader title. He and Leo are the master snarkers of the show.

Bree Duncan

Edit Chase was born in Australia in His father was Rowan Chase , who later became a wealthy and world renowned rheumatologist. Rowan had emigrated to Australia from Czechoslovakia a few years before Robert was born.

Tasha Davenport is the mother of Leo Dooley and wife to inventor, Donald Davenport. Tasha is Donald’s wife, Leo’s mother and Adam, Bree and Chase’s step-mother. As a news reporter, she has shown to have met Donald on an online dating service and seems to enjoy a happy marriage with him, despite.

Share Have you ever thought: What if The Percy Jackson books are wrong? That they’re real, but totally incorrect? Well, here, I tell you the story of a very familiar girl who lives in this world, of fake PJO books, and a very different Percy Jackson. That, Percy’s a hero! Well, if you are dumb enough to think that, then you really need to read this.

You may know me by many names: Wisegirl, Owl Head, maybe even Anniebell! Well, all of those are wrong But, I prefer Annabeth. And, if you dare call me any of the first two, you’re dead. Anyway, I want to start off on the first month of my misery. Chapter 1 I am Annabeth Chase, daughter of Athena. In the Percy Jackson books, I’m Percy’s girlfriend right?

Robert Chase

In The Printed Press Draco Malfoy married Astoria Greengrass because he was gay, she was lesbian and both were being pressured by their families into marrying a “proper” pureblood of the opposite sex. Some Fire Emblem fanfiction has half of any popular same-sex pairing marry someone of the opposite sex for the sake of public appearance, while carrying on affairs with or pining away for the other half of the couple.

Awakening is particularly fond of this trope where Chrom and a male Avatar are concerned. According to Word of God Kensuke’s two girlfriends originally hooked up with him to hid the fact that they were a couple.

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A news reporter, she’s shown to have met Donald in an online dating service and seems to enjoy a happy marriage with him, despite the chaos that’s now present in her life. She and Leo understand each other fully and seem hold a lot of the same traits in personality. She can be smothering and intrusive at times and seems to hold a bit of a competitive streak.

Still she’s sassy, opinionated, loving and enthusiastic. She treats the trio as her own kids and gives Bree the motherly advice when needed in boy troubles or other problems. As shown, she is not a big fan of the 4G world and gets tired of it quite a lot. She doesn’t quite like Eddie due to random comments and teasing of her, also annoyance. She doesn’t want Leo watching Pig Zombies or drinking any gas or fizzy drinks because it makes him all jumpy.

Trivia Leo Dooley is her only child. Her previous job before re-marrying is not listed.

Lab Rats Fanfic – Bree + Chase

In a secret underground lab in Davenport’s high-tech home, Leo discovers three bionic superhuman teenagers named Chase, Adam, and Bree, known as the Lab Rats. Leo learns they have lived their whole lives in the lab, where they have been training their bionic abilities for future classified missions. Leo secretly takes them to his school, Mission Creek High, where their lack of experience with the outside world causes chaos, in part because their bionics can be inadvertently activated through their emotions.

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Edit Every Bionic Ability possibly: It is said in Taken , that Douglas upgraded him, so he may now have every bionic ability that Douglas has created. He is incredibly intelligent and vast knowledgeable in nearly everything, including the internet. He is also showed to read at high speeds and retain a lot of information at once. It holds information like fingerprints, people and the entire internet.

Jacob can manipulate the molecules around an object, giving him a form of telekinesis. This ability allow him to move things with his mind, just like Chase.

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Create your own Tumblr blog today. I know their supposely Bro and sis but i think they make a good couple. He’s portrayed by Billy Unger.

Allie Haze (born May 10, ) is an American pornographic actress. Career. Haze was raised in Redlands, California. As a child, she modeled, competed in beauty pageants, and performed in theatre. Haze entered the pornographic film industry in June In May , Haze signed as.

They go back home to tell Donald, but he says he already knows. Meanwhile, Chase is confused that he didn’t notice the girl who filmed them behind the bush, even though he thermal scanned the whole place. He then looks at a chip log and finds out that the girl was in the exact spot he scanned. Chase then goes to tell Donald, but a swarm of government agents surrounds them. Leo and Douglas are still in the lab, but they use a trap door to escape and go to school to stay safe.

It is then revealed that the mission the Lab Rats were on was a setup. Krane then shows up with the girl who filmed the Lab Rats, whose name is revealed to be S It is also revealed that she is bionic. Later, Douglas and Principal Perry help Leo to get his arm fixed and take him to the hospital. Tasha later shows up, only to realize that Leo is gone. Agent Graham orders his agents to take them down, but Adam uses his wave blast ability to knock them down.

When they run to the hospital, Principal Perry tells them Krane is responsible for exposing their bionics. Meanwhile, Leo is in Douglas and Krane’s old warehouse and Douglas tells him to take his bandage off and pretend to throw a ball.

Allie Haze

Edit Chase Davenport is the middle child of the three superhumans, Mia is sixteen, although she is a few months younger than him, around two, but he also happens to be the smartest. He is the year-old leader of the team with an incredible intelligence rate, super bionic senses, the ability to create a spherical force field around himself and around specific parts of his body, and to move object with his mind, and he can levitate.

He is the second youngest child out of all four. He is the brother to Adam, Marcus and Leo. He is portrayed by Billy Unger.

Write fanfiction; My tests; Adam, Bree, and Chase. Adam, Britt, and Chase. 3 What do the lab rats’ names stand for? Project A, B, and C. They don’t mean anything. Mr Davenport’s family members. 4 Who is the real creator of the lab rats? Douglas.

Source Lab Rats is an American television sitcom that premiered on February 27 , on Disney XD , which focuses on the life of Leo Dooley , who discovers three bionic teenagers, Adam, Bree, and Chase, with whom he develops an immediate friendship. The series was created by Chris Peterson and Bryan Moore. However, the pilot was reshot, with the changing of the name to Lab Rats, and the addition of Bree, the only girl of the group. On May 18, , Lab Rats was renewed for a second season.

It has also been announced on July that Lab Rats was renewed for a third season. On May 9, , it was renewed for a fourth season. Contents [ show ] Premise A young teen accidentally discovers bionic teenagers with bionic powers.

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Before Birth Athena, Annabeth’s mother Annabeth’s father, Frederick Chase , met Athena , the goddess of wisdom, battle, and handicrafts, while he was studying History at Harvard. Athena helped him get through his studies; consequently, they fell in love. Shortly after, in , as a gift, Athena sent him Annabeth. She appeared on Frederick’s doorstep in a golden cradle carried down from Olympus by Zephyros , the West Wind.

She was considered a “brain child” like all other children of Athena , which means that they were born from the thoughts of the goddess.

Annabeth Chase is a seventeen-year-old Greek demigod, the daughter of the wisdom goddess Athena and history professor Frederick Chase, and the paternal cousin of Norse demigod Magnus Chase. She is the head counselor of Athena’s cabin and the architect of Olympus.

Bunch of Greek monsters and Egyptian monsters starts finding them easily, even a drakon. And the gods minus Anubis are doing everything they could to seperate the two counterparts if this is done, there will be even Roman demigoddies: Gaea’s been making awesome yet deadly earthquakes while fighting Geb, who is failing miserably to keep control of his female counterpart.

And to add it, Ouranos is having a comeback, and Nut’s doing everything she could to prevent him from crushing down the people, even if it includes Sadie and Carter she really isn’t mad about the rising-Ra incident. And worse of all, Percy – now in a relationship with Annabeth – had started to grow romantic feelings for Sadie – whom is now dating Anubis, the god of funerals – and Annabeth’s feeling a bit queasy over Percy’s now weird behavior.

And to add it off for another, Carter Kane – whom is dating Zia Rashid – falls in love with Annabeth, but Thalia – whom fell in love with Carter – wants him to notice her, but Nico – whom has a crush on Thalia – has other plans. Who will end up with who? Will Zia find out about Carter’s new crush? Will she break up with him if she did? Will Nico get the girl?

Annabeth Chase

Emily was a small town girl with a lot of secrets. What happens when she meets the lab rats, and they find out her secrets? I pressed the snooze button and almost fell back asleep.

I do not own the Kane Chronicles and Camp Half-Blood, Rick Riordan does, but I own the names of the teachers. Annabeth Chase, Nico di Angelo, and Thalia Grace, goes to. Bunch of Greek monsters and Egyptian monsters starts finding them easily, even a drakon. The Kane Chronicles Fanfiction Wiki is a FANDOM Books Community.

Report Story Bree’s POV When chase and I get home we find one of the empty guest bedrooms and just lay in each other’s arms, just nice and calm. I wish it could be like this forever. I wake up to find the spot next to me empty, but there is a note and the nightstand. Also, you need to dress formal. After I brush my hair I head to the hallway and Tasha is standing in the kitchen.

I know it’s kind of simple but it was an expensive dress plus it’s really pretty. I killed a lot of time picking out that dress it’s already 3: Now for everything else I paint my nails curl my hair, do my makeup and by the time I realize it it’s already 8: I sit on the couch and wait for time to pass, it’s 8: I see chase and he looks so hot.

There’s so many butterflies in my stomach. He sticks out his hand and he leads me into Mr Davenport’s hydrogen car, and when we get in I can’t help but ask. We’re on the road for a while until we pull into the parking lot of Patina real place in California that place is more expensive then some of Mr Davenport’s inventions. Chase leads me out of the car and into the restaurant, and it’s so pretty inside.

A Lab Rats Love Story S2 E6 Bree And Chase?

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